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Sub-Parts I.D.

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Case Port ID

In Order of Removal

Torque Converter
Oil Pan
Main Filter (pan)
Valve Bodies Installed
Accumulator Valve Body
Screen, Solenoid VB
Lower Control VB
Lower Control Separator
Check Balls Main Control
Solenoid Valve Body
Main Control Valve Body
Retainer Separator Plate
Separator Plate
Check Balls Rubber - Case
Screen, Intermediate. Accumulator Regulator
EPC Relief Ball & Spring
Input Shaft
Pump Assembly
Pump Thrust Washer & Bearing
Coast Clutch Assembly
Snap Ring - OD Clutch
Overdrive Clutch Pack
Center Shaft - Bearing
Center Shaft Assembly
Center Shaft Case ID
Fluid Feed Bolts
Snap Ring, Intermediate / OD Cylinder Assembly
Overdrive / Intermediate Cylinder Assembly
Return Spring, Intermediate piston
Center Support Assembly
Center Support - Case ID
Thrust Washer, Plastic
Clutch Pack, Intermediate
Servo Piston (Band Apply)
Band, Coast-Manual 2nd

Drum / Shell Assembly
Direct Drum Complete
Direct Drum Bare
Forward Drum
Shell & Forward Planet

Snap Ring, Reverse Planet
Reverse Planetary
Extension Housing
C-Ring, Output Shaft
Output Hub & Ring Gear
Reverse Hub & Roller
Snap Ring, Reverse Clutch
Reverse Clutch Pack
Output Shaft
Thrust Washer, Rear Case
Park Gear
Inner Race, Reverse OWC
Spring, Reverse Piston
Piston, Reverse Clutch
Rear of Case - Internal
Case Bare - Internal