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Tools and Supplies:



1. Small Air compressor with small tip air nozzle & 1/8"- 3" long copper tube.

(to blow off solvent and run pressure checks on clutches and seals)


2. Notebook to document number of clutch plates, clearances, part orientation, etc.

3. Plastic bags, (3) Lawn, (10) Kitchen, (10) gallon zip & (10) quart zip.

4. Black magic marker and small size labels.

5. 5 gallons of Safety Solvent (Follow Precautions on product label.)

6. 20 quart capacity plastic rubber rectangular tub with lid. (Not clear type as will break easily)

7. Rubber chemical gloves

8. Parts Brush and 1" wide quality paint brush

9. 0-6" Dial Calipers for Depth measurements, end play check, bearing & bushing clearance)

10. Hooked pick tool (for removing rubber o-rings and seals.)

11. Digital Camera or VCR (recommended) with built-in LCD display.

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