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1. Never put a seal conditioner in a transmission that is working fine or not leaking.
2. Read the label of any transmission additive prior to adding it to your transmission.
3. Never use a conditioner to any transmission that has more than 75,000 miles on it.

Pan Gasket: Use Molded Rubber (steel inner)

Always use the reusable rubber (steel inner) pan gasket.

Inspection: Valve Body


Do not remove separator plate unless valve bodies are full of junk.

Be careful not to allow separator plate to sag in front as this will allow check balls to fall out of their respective worm tracks.

Use one of the retaining plate bolts to hold the separator plate up.

Always replace gasket between valve bodies and separator plate.
1. Visually inspect all valve body bores for scoring and wear.
2. Test free movement of dry plungers/valves in bores.
3. There are kits available to repair common problems such as:

Accumulator Valve Body Modulator Sleeve and Plunger.

Pulling Trailers / Heavy Loads:

Install a large high quality External Oil Cooler in front of radiator.

Transmission Overhauling:
When Ordering Overhaul Kits:
3 kits available 1989 - 1995
  1996 - 1997 Early
  1997 Late - 1998
Bearing Replacement: Transmission Rebuilding

1. 100,000 +, Replace all bearings.
2. If bearings feel rough when dry (after solvent cleaning); and
3. If flat bearings have more than .002" wear at any point.
4. If roller bearing has any wobble between outer and inner races.

Bushing Replacement:

1. Replace both Shell Sun Gear bushings.
2. Replace rear case two piece bushing with one-piece style.
3. Replace, loctite (242), and stake front pump bushing.
4. Replace pump if stator bushings are out of specs.
5. Replace tailshaft bushing with teflon coated replacement.

C-Ring Replacement, Output Shaft / Output Hub & Ring Gear:

Note: This C-Ring will bend when removed, so replace it.

Inspection of Sprag & One-Way Clutch Assemblies:

1. Visually inspect all pieces for signs of cracks;
2. Check rollers and contact faces on races for scoring / flat spots.
3. Make sure they rotate counter clockwise and are smooth when dry and lubricated.

Torque Converter:

Replace, if transmission had a metal failure which contaminated fluid or caused pump to fail.
Flush torque converter and look for metal, error on side of caution and replace as necessary.
Replace at 100,000 + miles.

Pump Stator Plastic Valve - Lube Bypass / Anti-drainback:

Replace Lube Bypass / Anti-drain back plastic valve with steel after market part.

(This valve is located on the rear side of pump stator.)

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