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1. Fabricate or purchase transmission stand or use a sturdy workbench with transmission adapter.

2. Locate a large drain pan. (I use a large trash can lid with no holes)

3. Rotate the transmission to allow any fluid to drain from filler tube in to the drain pan.

4. Rotate transmission upside down.

5. Use a 10 mm socket to remove remaining pan bolts.

6. Remove pan.

7. Remove pan magnet, clean, and reinstall back in pan for safe keeping.

8. Grasp "FILTER" and rock it end to end as you pull to remove. (remove seal if it stays in pump)

9 CAUTION: Protect Valve body mating surfaces at all times. - Always!!!!

9. Remove LOWER CONTROL VALVE BODY nuts and bolts. (Bolted on top of largest valve body).

10. Remove lower control valve body and small separator plate.

11. Remove Check Balls from top of Main Control Valve Body. (record number of check balls)

These check balls will be either made of rubber or plastic:

1989-1995 2 each check balls

1996-1998 (3) each 1/4" check balls; and (2) each 5/16" check balls

12. Remove ACCUMULATOR VALVE BODY nuts and bolts. (very front valve body).

13. Remove Accumulator Valve Body.

14. Remove screen in separator plate under Accumulator Valve Body. (Rotate counter-clockwise)

15. Remove Main Control Valve Body bolts & nuts. (Largest valve body)

16. Remove Main Control Valve Body

17. Remove "SOLENOID VALVE BODY" nuts & bolts.

18. Remove Solenoid Valve Body

19. CAUTION: Locate EPC 1/4" metal check ball & Spring under separator plate

(EPC 1/4" metal check ball & spring are located near round hole hole in case for solenoid connector).

19. Remove 3 bolts on Valve Body separator Retaining Plate.

21a. CAUTION: Keep Steel Valve Body plate with gaskets for now to protect plate from damage.

20. Remove large Valve Body Separator Plate and EPC 1/4" metal check ball and spring.

21b. CAUTION: Do not use solvent to clean rubber or plastic check balls.

21. Remove remaining 5/16" Check Balls. Record number of check balls.

(14) each 5/16" Early 1989 + EPC Metal 1/4" relief valve & spring

(11) each 5/16" Late 1989 + EPC metal 1/4" relief valve & spring

(9) each 5/16" 1990-1995 + EPC metal 1/4" relief valve & spring

(8) each 5/16" 1996-1998 + EPC metal 1/4" relief valve & spring

1991-1998 Models:

Also Remove Accumulator Regulator Filter Screen (
very small with spring)

(located near single bolt fluid feed bolt in worm tracks.)

22. Remove snap ring and plate securing band apply "SERVO" (if applicable) & discard both.

(updated servo in new kit does not use plate and snap ring).

23. Remove band apply servo by using high power magnet. (or wait until band is removed later).

24. Remove "INPUT SHAFT" - Note: Long spline goes inside transmission:

('96 Updated input shaft (center shaft kit) has groove mark at outer end of input shaft)

25. Remove (9) pump bolts using 10mm socket.

Special Tools: Front pump 8 MM x 1.25 adapters & slide hammer.

26. Thread 8mm adapters in the two 8 mm threaded bolt holes in pump.

Pump bolt holes at 2 and 8 o'clock from bottom / top of case.

27. Attach slide hammers to 8 mm adapters.

28 CAUTION: Do not nick or mar the pump surface and edges (ever)

28. Slide hammer weight outward until pump is popped loose of case.

29. Lift pump out of case. (PROTECT EDGE SURFACES)

30. Remove plastic trust washer - usual stuck to back of stator flange. (pump back side)

31. Remove bearing - usually on coast clutch sun gear. (use magnet if necessary)

32. Remove case to pump gasket and discard.

33. Remove Coast Clutch assembly and sun gear.

34. Remove "CENTER SHAFT" assembly. (Lift Device Available from www.tranYshop.com

36. Remove bearing if not on Center Shaft. (use magnet if necessary).

37. Remove large Overdrive Clutch Pack snap ring.

38. Remove Overdrive pressure plate / clutch pack. (Record number of friction discs).

39. Using a 13 mm socket remove 1 Bolt retaining OD Cylinder at worm tracks.

This bolt is the single bolt nearest front of transmission.

Special Tool: OD / Intermediate Cylinder compressor cage and jack screw.

40 CAUTION: Do not mar pump to case flange area when attaching compressor.

40. Install OD Cylinder compressor removal tool and compress 1 revolution of screw.

41. See if OD Cylinder snap ring can be spun in case using flathead screwdriver.

IF NOT, repeat 1 complete turn of jack screw until snap ring can be spun easily.

Remove snap ring from case slot.

Back off jack screw until loose.

Then remove compressor cage tool.

42. Remove Snap Ring retaining OD cylinder Assembly from case.

43. Remove OD / Intermediate Cylinder Assembly.

44. Remove Intermediate Cylinder diaphragm return spring. (large wafer spring)

42. Using a 13 mm socket remove 2 bolts retaining Center Support at worm tracks.

43. Remove "CENTER SUPPORT" by grasping cross bar and pulling up.

44. Remove plastic trust washer.

45. Remove band apply servo, if not already removed, then remove BAND from case.

46. Remove bearing in top of drum opening. (use magnet if necessary)

Specialty Tool: Needed to vertically lift drum assembly from transmission.

47 CAUTION: Shell / Direct Drum / Forward Hub is very heavy.

Remove Direct Drum / Forward Hub / and Shell as an assembly.

47. Tighten handle on the E4OD Drum Lift Tool until cables are tight.

(If no lift tool is available, lay transmission horizontal and carefully remove assembly)

48. Lift Direct Drum / Forward Drum / Shell assembly from case.

49. Remove metal Trust Washer laying on Reverse Planet if not on bottom of shell.

50. Remove Snap Ring from Reverse Hub assembly securing Reverse Planet.

51. Remove Reverse Planet.

52. Remove metal Thrust Washer from Output Hub if not on bottom of Reverse Planet.

53. Remove Extension Housing bolts and remove housing.

54 CAUTION: Place rubber bun gee cord from case around end of output shaft to case

This will prevent shaft from falling out of case when
c-ring is removed from output shaft.

54. Remove small c-ring from output shaft.

NOTE: Replace this c-ring - DO NOT REUSE !

55. Remove Output Ring Gear/Hub assembly from output shaft.

56. Remove bearing from inner race if not on the back of Ring Gear / output hub.

57 CAUTION: The Reverse Hub has a one-way clutch.

Be careful to pull the Reverse Hub off the Inner Race parallel to case. (
do not wobble it)

57. Remove Reverse Hub and sprag one-way clutch assembly.

58. Remove Bun gee cord, Output shaft / Park Gear / Trust Washer. (from rear of case)

59. Remove Large Snap Ring retaining Reverse Clutch Pack.

60. Remove Reverse Clutch Pack. (record number of friction disc)

61 CAUTION: if tear down is on a bench use 2 each 5/16" x 3" long guide bolts with
  heads cut off to prevent Reverse one-way sprag Inner Race from falling in case.

61. Remove 5 bolts retaining Reverse Sprag Inner Race.

62. Remove Reverse sprag Inner Race and Reverse Piston Return Spring assembly.

63. Reinstall Pressure Plate & Snap Ring for piston removal process:

1st - Reinstall Reverse Clutch Pressure Plate in Case; and then

2nd - Reinstall Reverse Clutch Snap Ring.

  64a WARNING: Precaution Check before applying air to case:

1. Verify Pressure Plate is behind Snap Ring.

2. Verify Reverse Clutch Pack Snap Ring is completely in case groove.

3. DO NOT Place Hands in transmission when air pressure is applied !!!

3. Use no more air pressure than necessary to remove Reverse Piston.

4. Start with 30 pounds and go up from there, never go over 60 pounds.

64b CAUTION: You will here a pop-sound and hiss when Reverse Piston is removed.

64. SEE 64a WARNING & 64b CAUTION above BEFORE APPLYING air to case:

1. Apply air pressure to Reverse Piston apply at worm track.

(this hole is about center of case and is the 2nd hole from the rear of case.

65. Remove Reverse Clutch Pack Snap Ring.

66. Remove Reverse Clutch Pack Pressure Plate.

67. Remove Reverse Clutch Piston.

68. Reinstall pan back on case to protect valve body studs.

69. Late 1990-1998, remove rear cooling line tap from transmission and

Check Converter Anti-drain back check valve.:

Check for spring back of ball; and

Fill back side fitting with light oil (such as 3-in-1 oil) to verify check valve is sealing.
  NOTE: I usually don't remove the following unless there is an obvious problem(s):

» Manual lever from case if the seal is not leaking and it feels good.

» Parking pawl & parking pawl arm to manual lever if visually looks good.

» Lower filler tube going in to case.

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