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1. Check Fluid level at normal operating temperature. (Do not over fill !).

If fluid appears to roll off dipstick and smells sweet,


and does not feel slippery when rubbed between fingers


"Immediately Change Fluid and Filter" !


This is a contamination problem that is happening nationwide.


2. Checked for vehicle computer error codes:

Using engine light blink test and/or OBD-I scan tool (1989 - 1995); (can also use test light)

Using OBD-II Scan Tool (1996 - 1998).

3. Resolved all computer codes which are related to the transmission.

4. Changed transmission fluid & filter, inspected for metal in pan and tested again.

5. Asked questions at the Help Forum at E4OD.com Forum

6. Purchased E4OD Rebuilding ebook or other manual for diagnostic help.

7. Performed in vehicle tests and diagnostics.
  8. Email E4OD transmission problems to Bobby Cooper for assistance.

9. Decided to have transmission overhauled.

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